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Online Coaching


Packages start at $55 per week

Level up in the gym, become strong AF & wildly confident WITHOUT sacrificing a cheeky marg

Learn how to fuel your body & build your calories up so that you can LOSE FAT whilst eating MORE FOOD than ever


Build an unf*ckwithble mindset & habits so that you can ditch the all or nothing approach & never fall off track long term again


Heal your relationship with food & become one of those people who can eat whatever tf they want without letting it ruin their day


Get excited by the thought of date night with your partner instead of worrying about the amount of calories you’re eating and how you’re going to work it off

work with me



- Full TWJ app access

- Customised program completely tailored to your needs w/ gym or home based options available

- Customised nutrition + habits

- Weekly in-depth check ins

- Mon-Fri WhatsApp support

- Access to TWJ meal database with 100+ recipes
- Free education resources including nutrition cheat sheet & MyFitnessPal guide

- TWJ community access


Everything included in the base package 

- Monthly check in call

via Zoom

- Monthly sample meal plan tailored to your needs


Everything included in the base package


- Weekly mindset/check in call

via Zoom

- Monthly sample meal plan tailored to your needs

- Free access to any group programs ran over the duration of working together

Fortnightly billing

12 weeks minimum sign up + no lock in

contract after that!

We also offer NUTRITION ONLY or TRAINING ONLY coaching

+ one off calorie & macro packages!

If you are ready to finally show up in the way you've been promising yourself for years...

macro packages


Our most affordable coaching offer

Perfect if you have no idea where to start with calculating your calories + macros & wanting a once off option to get you started!


- Customised calories & macros based off your individual needs & goals

- Flexible dieting recipe book with 90+ meal options

- Example 'day on your plate'

- 30min video call to explain the plan & your options moving forward

- Free nutrition education resources
(nutrition cheat sheet + MFP guide)

$120 one off payment



'It’s been almost 2 years since I joined team TWJ and I feel like my journey has only just begun! Before starting with Jess, I thought I knew a fair bit about fitness and nutrition, but the wealth of knowledge that Jess has helped me unlock I will be forever grateful for. The mindset shift she has helped me achieve means I see and love myself in a whole new light compared to before. She has an amazing approach with her clients and is one of my biggest supporters. If you’re looking to take the leap into hiring an incredible online coach, or deep dive into the world of mindset work - I couldn’t recommend her any higher!'
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