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mindset coaching

This is for you if...

You're feeling like food is controlling your life & no matter what you try you just can't seem to break the habit of bingeing

You desire to open the pantry door without shovelling down everything in sight & be able to keep chocolate in the house without eating it to the point of sickness

You're ready to dissolve blocks in your mindset that keeps you starting and stopping your fitness journey over & over & ditch the all or nothing approach for good


You're sick of not being able to go on date night without feeling guilty or without researching the menu beforehand for something healthy 

You're obsessively tracking everything in My Fitness Pal but scared of letting go of tracking because you're worried about weight gain

You're sick of feeling shame around your body & want to learn how to love your body beyond the way it looks

You’re ready to move past your fear of the number on the scales & no longer want it to dictate your confidence



→ Fortnightly 1:1 60min coaching call (can opt for 30min weekly)
→ Mon-Fri whatsapp support for inbetween calls
→ Weekly tasks tailored to your needs to help you achieve food freedom
→ Free mindset resources + access to all masterclasses ran over the duration of the container





'I’ve been working with Jess for just under a year now, the results we have gotten together is insane and the best part is, I’ve been able to maintain and keep my hard work with her approach/style to coaching. I can go to Jess for anything and know there is NO judgement. She is the kindest, most understanding soul. She preaches what she says, and is such an amazing leader and role model for those starting their journeys. A world of knowledge and I’m so grateful I’ve been able to work with her for this long!'

If you are ready to become one of those people who can eat whatever they want without fear - let's work together!

One off deep dive call

I offer one-off 90min calls where we begin your journey deep diving into food freedom & mindset work!
This is the perfect opportunity for you to get a taste of what working with me would look like & the direction you want to head with your healing journey!
Or if you are just feeling stuck & wanting some extra guidance - this is for you!

Only $222

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