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🚀 Walking into the big boy section of the gym with unf*ckwithable confidence in your matching scrunch bum shorts set


🚀 You’ve got a structured plan instead of a random workout you found on instagram & feeling strong AF repping out 120kg hip thrusts with ease!


🚀 You no longer let your inner critic talk you out of going to the gym when you can’t be bothered & you’re finally seeing that toned look you’ve always dreamed of!


🚀 Being in a deficit feels easy AF because you’re eating food that you’re obsessed with & still get to enjoy date night with your partner every weekend!


🚀 You know how to honour your cravings without feeling guilty & you’re able keep a jar of biscoff in the cupboard without bingeing knowing it’s there


🚀 You’ve stopped saving all of your calories for the end of the day to lose weight quicker & you’re feeling more energised than ever!


🚀 You’re completely unphased by the number on the scales because you’ve learned how to love your body beyond looks

Wanna know the best part?


Ever done an 8 week challenge that sets you up for failure with zero support & no plan of attack afterwards?


Well think of me as your fitness & mindset fairy godmother!

Not only am I giving you the tools to get insane results - you’ll have a fail proof plan to sustain those results FOREVER!


This is the exact program I needed when I first started & I would have saved myself YEARS of yo-yoing!



👉🏼 2 x 4 week training blocks (gym or home based available)


👉🏼 4 x group mindset calls via zoom 

Each call is a different core teaching essential to your journey - ditching the all or nothing mindset, food freedom, body image & maintaining your results!
All calls will be recorded so you have lifetime access


👉🏼 Customised calories + macros tailored to your goals & needs

Can choose to be in a deficit, maintenance, surplus or even NOT TRACK AT ALL!


👉🏼 Mon-Fri whatsapp support


👉🏼 FB community + group chat to connect with other women in the space


👉🏼 Extra content drops & learning modules

Includes sample meal plans, nutrition cheat sheets, takeaway guide, journal prompts & activities





Your new era awaits 👇🏼

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