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If you feel like you're constantly thinking about foodcounting down until your next meal & how you’re going to fit it in your allocated calories


If you forget to eat at work all day because it’s too busy or you just aren't hungry & as soon as you get home it’s like a switch flicks & you’re a ravenous little demon eating everything in sight


If you save all of your calories for the end of the day in attempt to stop overeating

If you can’t keep chocolate in the house because you can’t fight the urge to binge knowing it’s there

Want to build the thickest & juiciest glutes but you’re worried if you eat above 1400 calories you’ll gain weight


If you weigh every single gram of food you put in your mouth and hate eating at your parents because you don’t know what they’ve put in it to track

If you eat any ‘naughty’ food in secret and hide the evidence before anyone can see it and you live by the motto if you ‘didn’t track it, it didn’t happen’

Pick yourself to shreds every time you see an unflattering photo of yourself & you’re always trying to lose that last 5kg hoping to finally feel confident



Open the pantry door without shovelling down everything in sight like you haven’t seen food for a week

Get excited by the thought of date night with your partner & ordering exactly what you feel like instead of the boring ass salad because it’s ‘healthy’ or having to research the menu beforehand

Feel in control around food & honour your cravings without going overboard to the point of sickness & intense guilt

Not have to estimate how many calories are in meals you haven’t personally cooked because you’re more focused on the memories you are making

No longer turn to food to make you feel better after a long & stressful day of work

Break up with MyFitnessPal & reach your fitness goals without relying on an app to tell you when & how much you're allowed to eat

6 transformative weeks together
Weekly calls via Zoom
Mon-Fri WhatsApp access for direct support
FB community + lifetime access to recordings
Group chat to connect with other women in the space


Week 1: Getting clear on your food story & habits

F*cking off diet culture

Week 2: Fear foods & flexible dieting

Week 3: Hunger cues & mindful eating

Week 4: Breaking up with my fitness pal

Week 5: Emotional regulation & breaking the binge

Week 6: Body image & self love




This is the EXACT program I needed when I was in the thick of my binge eating & over-exercising eras! I went from obsessively tracking on povo calories, bingeing in secret in my bedroom & not being able to treat myself without having to work it off...

To being able to eat whatever tf I want without letting it ruin my day & feeling like my most confident self!

And now it’s YOUR TURN!

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